David Conatus – Nobody Cares

Letra e Música por David Conatus

Todos os Direitos Reservados 2017



Hello, hello, it’s me

With promisses I’ll never keep

A sad, despicable thing

A selfish and thoughtless imp


Who once had a dream

People weren’t so mean

But now, I can’t escape

People have shown their true face

and I learned:


Nobody cares

Nobody ever cared

Nobody cares, ‘mon frere’

Nobody ever cared


Hello again, it’s me

Willing to open your eyes

Ideals, they’re but dreams

That wither away and die


But hey, what did you expect?

Someone to stay by your side?

I’m sorry but there really isn’t anyone

Worthy of spending your time





Earth’s an evil place

Once said Justine

We shouldn’t mourn for it

Life, it won’t be missed


Once there were some ants

Which thought themselves a big deal

But then the sun, it fades

And they realized for real